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formative assessments real-time results increases engagement runs on any web browser longitudinal student data individual student data aligned to common core state standards custom learning targets team competitions reteach grouping individual student logins not required ease of use for students use on tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop works on non smartphones, sms/text enabled share saved set of questions runs on wifi enabled device partner integration (open api) grade book sorted by skills and assignments saves on-going student scores and growth classroom projector displays (unanimous) influences instructional strategies supports differentiation in the classroom live data sorted by speed, name, score teacher module with individual student data built by teachers for teachers sync with powerschool, illuminate, other sis free plan available designed specifically for education price for 50 students, 1 year max students in a single session

Overview of Socrative Alternatives Schools everywhere are moving to a 1:1 ratio of students to WiFi devices. Educational technology is in our classrooms. Visiting schools, you are likely to see a student use an iPad, iTouch, iPod, Chromebook, Android tablet,

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Application links

Socrative (marketing) (v.1.0 app access) (v.2.0 app access)

PollEverywhere (marketing/app)

ExitTicket (marketing) (app access)