About ExitTicket

ExitTicket started as a way Leadership Public Schools could address the rapid growth required from their high-needs students. Made by teachers over an extended development period, ExitTicket is adaptable for many in-class purposes. The web-based system works on all WiFi devices and has a strong impact on instructional practices. ExitTicket picks up where clickers leave off and provides teachers with a cutting-edge assessment tool that engages students while providing valuable insight on comprehension.

ExitTicket’s Strengths

  • A stable, visually appealing student response system
  • Questions can be linked to the learning targets and standards they assess, building a skills-based scorebook students can access
  • Grouping allows competition or a custom, differentiated set of questions to designated groups
  • Collaboration among teachers within building, district or across the Internet is built into the system, allowing you to share content
  • A host of additional features including classroom projector displays,  professional development content and support, SuperStreak rewards for students that get multiple correct answers in a row, varies types of assessments tailored to different class applications, and a simple text editor that helps write math formulas

ExitTicket’s Weaknesses

  • Requires greater investment of time to use the sophisticated features
  • After a free 30-day trial, an individual subscription or school site license is required
  • Students need their own logins (though teachers can reset passwords quickly and integration with Edmodo and other school services is coming)


I’ve tried a wide array of educational technology, especially student response systems and nothing comes close to the demonstrated benefit of ExitTicket. It is a keystone in 1:1 technology initiatives, providing administration with quantitative data proving the value of the investment in technology. It’s refreshing to see tools designed to inform and enrich the conversation between student and teacher as opposed to replacing it. A unique ownership of learning is created when a student can look down the list of course objectives for the year and see their performance in each one. There’s no avoiding the effort required of learning a sophisticated new tool. But ExitTicket provides a lot of resources, and if you learn enough to help train other folks on how to use, it they’ll give you your subscription for free.  Give it a try.

Socrative Alternatives Exit Poll


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